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Board of Directors

The OMA Board of Directors Wants You!

If you are an OMA member and are willing to help guide the organization (or you know someone else who would be great), please consider joining the Board.  It's incredibly rewarding.  Please read the following two documents, and then submit your Nomination Form (disregard the deadline).


Meet the 2017 OMA Board of Directors


Donna Silverberg

Donna Silverberg, Co-President

Portland, Oregon

Professional Mediator, Facilitator, and Educator

I am pleased to be re-joining the OMA board at this exciting time in the organization’s development! It is a great board and a wonderful membership.  I have been a practicing mediator, facilitator, conflict management systems designer, and conflict management coach since 1988 working almost entirely with projects that intersect with legislatures; city councils; tribal, state, and federal officials, and Boards of Directors.  I own DS Consulting, a conflict management and mediation firm in Portland, and I serve as my team’s lead mediator or facilitator on complex, multi-party projects, many of which have public or elected official oversight. 

I have had the honor of working in a number of settings as a mediator/mediator program manager, including acting director of Oregon’s Dispute Resolution Commission, Oregon Governor Kitzhaber’s Special Assistant on Dispute Resolution, and Oregon’s Public Policy Dispute Resolution Program Coordinator. I am an adjunct professor of conflict management and facilitation classes at Pepperdine and Lipscomb university and provide “Ethics for DHS/OHA Managers”, negotiation, facilitation and mediation skills workshops on a regular basis.

I got my BA in Sociology at Lewis and Clark College (1985) and my JD from the University of San Diego’s School of Law (1990).  Prior to moving back to Oregon in 1994, I was the Deputy Director of the Center for Municipal Dispute Resolution in San Diego, CA where I focused my mediation work on land-use, housing and ADA issues.  I have been a member of the Oregon Mediation Association since 1994 (on the board 1998-2005, with three years as president), the Association of Conflict Resolution/SPIDR since 1990, the California State Bar since 1991 (inactive member) and was co-founder of the San Diego Chapter of the International Association for Public Participation Practitioners in 1992.


Amy Chase Herman

Amy Chase Herman, Co-President

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Deputy Director, CCRS

Amy Chase Herman serves as the Deputy Director for Clackamas County Resolution Services (CCRS), a county department which provides community, workplace, and family law conflict resolution and skill development services.  Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Rhetoric and Communications focusing on small group and interpersonal communication, and a Master of Science degree in Organizational Communication. She has worked for Clackamas County for 19 years. 

Amy is currently serving as co-President for the Oregon Mediation Association (OMA) and is a past president of that organization.  She is serving as the secretary for the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon (RJCO), and secretary for the Oregon Association of Community Dispute Resolution Centers (OACDRC). Amy received the Bryan Johnston Award of Excellence from OMA in 2014, and Collaboration Award from the Oregon Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution section in 2010.

Lynn Steyaert, Co-Vice President

Tigard, Oregon

Coming from a legal background, I was attracted to mediation as an alternative to the adversarial process.  Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of excellent mediation programs in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties and the opportunity to provide mediation and facilitation services for community, truancy, victim offender, shared housing, and foreclosure avoidance programs as well as small claims and domestic relations court cases.  I very much value the mediation process and am delighted to have the chance to work with OMA and its Board members.


Wes Lucas

Wes Lucas, Co-Vice President

Eugene, Oregon

Management Analyst, Lane County

My first OMA conference was in 2013. Since then, OMA has served as my professional "home" in Oregon, and I owe much of my development over the last four years to the members and leadership of this organization. I served as a conference volunteer in 2014 and 2015, and as a member of the conference committee for the 30th anniversary in 2016. I interned in a policy development role for the OMA Board of Directors in the summer of 2015, and agreed to join the Board for the 2017-2019 term.

I am a graduate of the University of Oregon, with a Masters of Nonprofit Management and MS in Conflict & Dispute Resolution. I was born in San Jose CA, and lived in St. Petersburg FL before arriving in Eugene. Since January 2017, I have worked for Housing and Community Services of Lane County (HACSA) as a Management Analyst, where I support a variety of change management processes. Recently I have also consulted with various clients to provide strategic planning, facilitation, and program evaluation - and have served as a volunteer mediator for Lane County's Small Claims Court. I am passionate about providing and improving services for people in need, and I see mediation as an essential tool for bringing people together in pursuit of a better world.

I am honored to serve as Co-Vice President (with Lynn Steyaert) of the 2017 OMA Board. We look forward to continuing the hard work of OMA members past, in order to build our field while reaching out to new members and old allies alike. In the words of our most recent Fall Conference title, I am excited to "appreciate the past, engage the present, and create the future" with the skilled and dedicated membership of this organization.


Jennifer Tenorio

Jennifer Tenorio

Portland, Oregon

Graduate Student, U.S. Customs Broker

Jennifer Tenorio is a graduate student in Conflict Resolution at Portland State University.  She was introduced to OMA when she completed her practicum requirements helping the OMA Education Committee with their spring training in 2016.  She is now the secretary of the OMA board.

By day, Jennifer works importing cargo as a U.S. Customs Broker at Expeditors International.  Jennifer comes to us with experience in federal law-enforcement.  Her passion is in bridging the gap between police and community relationships.

Jennifer is also an active member of the Portland Peace Team, a local organization that practices community policing — specifically advocating nonviolence and de-escalation at local events in Portland. 

Jennifer is an identical twin.  She loves to explore the many neighborhoods Portland has to offer, and taking her dogs to the park.


Gail McEwen

Gail McEwen, Treasurer

Salem, Oregon

I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the OMA Board of Directors. My interest in mediation dates back to the 1980's. As an employee of the Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, I looked for opportunities to use mediation to resolve land use and natural resource disputes and participated in mediation as an agency representative. From 2006 through 2012, I worked for Oregon Consensus at Portland State University and have managed or worked on projects that used mediation or facilitation to resolve public policy disputes. 

I have a law degree from the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, and have been a member of the Executive Committee of the Oregon State Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section since 2009.

I am committed to promoting the use of mediation in Oregon and am excited about the possibility of serving on the OMA Board. I want to work with other OMA Board members to increase opportunities for academics, public policy mediators and mediators of private disputes to work together and share information to elevate the quality of mediation services in Oregon.


Brian B. Egan, Immediate Past President

Corvallis, Oregon

Professional Mediator, Facilitator, and Educator

I am the founder of Clarity, a private mediation, facilitation, and organizational change consulting practice now moving into its twelfth year.  I am also a volunteer mediator for Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mediation Services, and I teach writing at Linn-Benton Community College (so much for “retirement”).  The majority of my professional life was spent at Hewlett-Packard as an engineering manager, where I learned the importance of collaborative decision-making and dispute resolution in building strong teams. 

My membership on the OMA board represents a way to actualize two of my core values: a heartfelt belief in mediation and a need to give back to the community through service to others.  I see OMA as the “lighthouse” for mediation in Oregon; a guiding entity for practicing mediators, and a source of information so that people statewide can know the benefit of mediation. OMA provides a cozy hearth where professional mediators and mediation-friendly people can gather and optimize the art of mediation. As a board member, I plan to contribute in a meaningful way to help build and strengthen the organization. 


Tera Cleland, M.S.

Gresham, Oregon

Mediation Specialist

Tera Cleland is the Mediation Specialist for East Metro Mediation. She is from Palmer, Alaska and received her BA from the University of Alaska Anchorage in Criminal Justice. She has a M.S. in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Champlain College in Burlington, VT. She brings experience in mediation, program development and conflict resolution training. Tera has a passion about strengthening our communities through the use of mediation and has a commitment to furthering the field of conflict resolution.  



John Inglish

John Inglish

Eugene, OR

Program Director, University of Oregon

John Inglish is the program director for the Conflict & Dispute Resolution Master’s program at the University of Oregon School of Law. Prior to this, John served as an Education Program Specialist with the Oregon Department of Education where he oversaw safe and healthy schools initiatives, and managed the special education mediation program. Prior to ODE, John served as a research associate and director for Technical Assistance and Consulting Services, an outreach unit housed in the University of Oregon's College of Education. John's early career history includes work as an instructional assistant, job coach, school-based occupational therapy practitioner, civil rights advocate, and attorney. He spent over 10 years providing services to students with disabilities in school districts in Utah, California, and Maine. Subsequently, he worked on education and other civil rights issues for the Disability Law Center of Utah.  John is a volunteer mediator and peer court elder for Lane County’s Center for Dialogue and Resolution, and works with local schools to implement restorative justice into behavior management frameworks.  John holds undergraduate degrees in occupational therapy and psychology, a master's in public administration and policy, and a doctorate in law.


Rudy Lachenmeier

Rudy Lachenmeier

Portland, Oregon

Mediator, Arbitrator, and Litigator

 A native Oregon, and a long-time litigator, Mr. Lachenmeier has handled more than a thousand cases in litigation as an attorney for a party, trying to verdict more than 100 and settling the rest, often with the aid of a mediator.

In the process he has learned to appreciate the value to both sides of a competent mediator, who listens and really hears what matters to both sides and helps facilitate a result that maximizes both parties’ interests. With that in mind, and with the goal of becoming such a person, he started down that road with his first 35 hours of formal mediation training about 5 years ago.

Since then he volunteered as a small claims mediator in Multnomah County, received their own rigorous training, and has handled in excess of 70 mediations for that program and attended numerous additional trainings. There he learned new skills, being required by the small claims system to be entirely facilitative and never evaluative which at first was difficult for one trained to be just that. It was that small claims group that first brought him into contact with OMA. This last year, he joined OMA as a member and attended as an active participant their Fall conference.  At the conference, he discovered further just how broad the mediation umbrella is and learned about many of the other groups doing everything from mediating or facilitating neighborhood issues, or public policy issues, to setting up restorative justice programs, to much more.

It is his goal as a new member of the OMA Board to continue to grow as a mediator while supporting in every way possible the growth and training of all types of conflict resolution programs and helping to continue OMA’s role as a communications facilitator for all of them. 



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