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OMA Administrative Assistant Opening
Position Details
Organization: The Oregon Mediation Association is a nonprofit membership organization committed to the development, support and advocacy of mediation in the State of Oregon.
Hours/Salary: OMA is looking for an Administrative Assistant to work up to 15 hours a week at a salary of $15-$17 per hour. Additional hours may be required for adequate support of the OMA fall conference.
Basic Job Function: The Administrative Assistant will provide administrative support for the Oregon Mediation Association (OMA), including its Board Members, committees, and Special Interest Groups ("SIGs"). Job functions will be performed consistent with policies and procedures developed by the OMA Board or OMA Committees.
Essential Job Functions:

General Administrative Duties: Serve as the initial contact for individuals requesting information about OMA services, processes and procedures. Ensure that OMA's phone messages, emails and written correspondence are responded to in an accurate and timely manner. Customer service skills are of the upmost importance. The administrative assistant will be required to manage OMA's daily operations and communication with OMA members. Duties may include picking up mail or deliveries and additional tasks as requested by the OMA Board.

Finance and Bookkeeping: Maintain OMA QuickBooks accounts consistent with generally accepted accounting procedures and coordinate as needed with OMA Bookkeeper and OMA Treasurer. Prepare financial reports for the OMA Board. Manage and maintain OMA's PayPal account transactions, prepare bank deposits, and review account statements. 
Membership Management System: Maintain the content of OMA's web-based NeonCRM system.  As needed, update/create account records for new and renewing members and Mediator Directory advertisers; record/update donations, membership fee payments, advertising revenue, and event registration fees; and create/update event registration pages.   Run/create monthly reports showing payments, membership statistics, event registrations, etc.  

Media and Technology: Maintain and manage the content of OMA's website, including the training calendar, job announcements, and other pages. Coordinate preparation and electronic distribution of OMA newsletter and Flash announcements.
Conference Support: Be the point person for the OMA Fall Conference and work directly with the Conference Committee from planning through post-conference review. On-site administrative support during the conference is required. Establish and maintain conference registration and payment database and assist with conference preparations.

Other Office Coordination: Maintain OMA files and organize and track documents and information as directed. Provide data entry support on OMA projects and support the OMA Board, committees and volunteers as needed. Perform other duties as requested by the Board.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Excellent customer service skills.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing with the Board, volunteers, members and the public.
  3. Ability to work independently.
  4. Proficiency with Microsoft Office computer programs including Word, Excel and Outlook. Proficiency or ability to become proficient with Dropbox, Google Groups, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.
  5. Experience performing administrative office duties.
  6. Proficiency or ability to become proficient with QuickBooks, Neon CRM, and WordPress.
  7. Ability to keep sensitive information confidential both inside and outside the organization.
  1. Experience with QuickBooks
  2. Experience with NeonCRM or other database user interfaces.
  3. Experience with WordPress or other web development software
Schedule:  Up to 15 hours per week, with a schedule to be determined in consultation with the Board President. OMA's Fall Conference is held on the first Friday and Saturday each November. Inpreparation for and during the OMA Fall Conference some changes in this schedule will be necessary. Additional hours may be required for adequate support of the OMA fall conference.
Physical Demands: Ability to execute physical activities required to perform the responsibilities including, but not limited to, regular standing, sitting, walking, using computer keyboard, talking and listening in person and on the phone. Ability to travel occasionally to meet with OMA Board or OMA Board officers and to attend OMA's annual conference.

Work Environment:  OMA no longer maintains a physical office space, therefore this position requires working from home, at least initially. Required office equipment and a cell phone are provided, and office applications are largely web based. The home office must have high-speed internet capability.

Application Guidelines/Contact:
 Please send cover letter, resume, and three references to OMA@OMediate.org by April 15, 2017.

Note: This information is current as of March 25, 2017.  Revisions are possible, so please visit the OMA website for the latest version. 


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